How Wearables Could Change the Way We Work

How Wearables Could Change the Way We Work

By Vitiello Communications Group

With an estimated 50 million wearable devices expected to be sold this year and a whopping 180 million projected to be sold by 2018, wearables are the latest fast-growing tech trend. Does that mean businesses should ditch BYOD (bring your own device) policies for BYOWD (bring your own wearable device) policies?

From fitness wristbands to smartwatches to advanced eyewear, wearable devices present business leaders with an opportunity to connect with employees and customers in a new way. Deloitte’s Tech Trends 2014 report states that “Wearables can be the first seamless way to enable workers with digital information.” And, like it or not, wearable devices have already begun to make their way into the business world.

In fact, Salesforce recently announced its new app development program for wearables–Salesforce Wear. Developers have started rolling out apps for businesses, including one that schedules meetings on the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch and another that reports web traffic and sales analytics to the Pebble smartwatch. Apps are also being developed on Google Glass for field workers.

What does this mean for business leaders? Here are some possibilities for how wearables could be game changers:

  • Communication. In a world that’s on and connected 24/7, wearable devices not only make us more accessible, but they also can change the way we communicate. It may not be appropriate to check your smartphone during a meeting, but what about your smartwatch?
  • Working heads-up and hands-free. For workers in the field or on the shop floor where mobility is essential, smart glasses or watches can provide instant access to training documents, updates and other resources.
  • New marketing techniques. With wearables comes a wealth of user data in different areas, giving marketers new ways to reach customers. After an exercise routine, a user may find an advertisement for a pair of sneakers on his or her smartwatch. Or, specific coupons could be sent to someone’s device depending on his or her location in a shopping mall.

Do you think using wearables in the workplace can increase efficiency and innovation? Or is this another technology trend that will fall off the radar? Share your thoughts below.

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