VTLO Rings in 2016

VTLO Rings in 2016

By Vitiello Communications Group

Are you among the 45 percent of Americans who usually make a New Year’s resolution, or the 38 percent who never do?

For some people, making resolutions is a powerful process that gets them thinking about the future. Doing so provides focus and keeps them accountable to achieving their goals. Last year, for example, Mark Zuckerberg announced his intention to read one book every two weeks and he invited everyone on Facebook to join his book club. However, resolution making is not part of everyone’s goal-setting process. In fact, according to a University of Scranton study, only 8 percent of people actually succeed in keeping their resolutions.

Still, there’s no denying that New Year’s resolutions have become an important part of our culture. Here, some VTLO team members share their personal goals for 2016 or their thoughts on why they don’t make resolutions.

Pat Andreoni is a new grandmother. She resolves to get some one-on-one guidance and support on becoming more physically fit so that she can run around with her granddaughter in the years to come!

Kristen Erickson doesn’t set New Year’s resolutions because she knows she won’t keep them. She says, “January isn’t exactly the most motivating time of year for me because I’m a summer girl. Instead, I challenge myself to incorporate small changes into my daily routine that are important to me — such as eating healthier, exercising more and spending more time outdoors.”

Linda Eterno reports that last year was the first time she kept to her resolution, and she plans to do it again in 2016. “Success is really all about finding the right resolution for you,” Linda says. “Pledging to go to the movies once a month was as much about dedicating time to spend with family and friends as it was about the Hollywood and popcorn experience.”

Richelle Feigin doesn’t believe in making New Year’s resolutions. Instead, she chooses One Word to focus on for the year. “It’s more about an attitude or a way of living for that year,” says Richelle. ”This year, the word ‘blessed’ will help me reflect more on the positive things in my life.”

Nadine Green plans to devote this year to spending more time with her family and friends. It can be difficult to stay in touch with everyone regularly during a busy year, but in 2016 she will reconnect with and cherish everyone close to her.

Bryant Haskins also gave up on New Year’s resolutions. “In spite of my best intentions, I found I had trouble keeping them and I didn’t need any more disappointment or frustration in my life,” he says. “Informally, however, I plan to devote more time to photography and travel in 2016. And, since I’m not making these formal resolutions, maybe I’ll have a fighting chance to actually make them happen.”

Elisa Maselli agrees. She says, “I decided to forgo that ritual this year and, instead, focus on enjoying everything I have to the fullest extent possible.”

Allen Putman didn’t make one resolution this year; he made two. In 2016, he plans to successfully pull off his forthcoming wedding to his partner of 15 years in March, and then bike the 545 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles as part of a charity fundraiser in June.

Barbara Rosenbaum Singer thinks that every day is a good day to start to do something better or differently. “I don’t feel that I have to set the idea in stone on January 1,” she says.

Erin Serpico plans to jot down one positive aspect of every day in 2016. She is excited to keep a journal of these notes as a nightly routine, and in return have something happy to reflect on when the year comes to a close.

Barb Willis believes that New Year’s resolutions should be positive and enriching. To that end, she plans to reconnect with friends or business associates she hasn’t seen in at least five years. Plus, in a nod to her love of music, Barb also wants to catch performances of musicians she has yet to see perform live.

I am sticking with my daily routine of taking a brisk walk every morning, which helps me reflect on my day ahead. This also helps me boost productivity, as I mentioned during Daylight Savings Time in November. Now with the increased use of wearable devices such as Fitbits, I plan to continue this routine while using one to promote health and wellness everywhere I go this year.

So, do you make resolutions? Leave a comment to let us know your 2016 goals.

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