Three Steps to Becoming a “Lovecat”

Three Steps to Becoming a “Lovecat”

By Vitiello Communications Group

What’s a “lovecat?”

According to Tim Sanders, who coined the phrase in his first book, Love Is the Killer App, you’re a lovecat if you treat everyone you encounter with joy and generosity.

I met Sanders about ten years ago at the annual conference of the Communications Leadership Exchange just after he left his job as Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo!, and was embarking on his career as a best-selling author, consultant and motivational speaker. He impressed me as an unconventional thinker and oddly daring. The notion of breeding “lovecats” in the business world seemed borderline silly back then, yet intriguing. Today, Tim’s premise — that all of us can harness the power of love to make our business lives more pleasant and productive — is as widely accepted as the principles in Dale Carnegie’s classic, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Sanders describes becoming a lovecat as “sharing your intangibles,” which he lists as knowledge, network and compassion. Here are three easy steps to get started:

  1. Read widely and prolifically and pass on to others the learning you gain. My friend, Cynthia, always buys two print copies of the business books she reads — one for herself, and the other to give as a gift to a colleague who might be interested in the topic.
  2. Nurture the people in your professional and social network and connect them to each other. I call this “friend-blending.”
  3. Glow for good. Use your smile to welcome newcomers; your warm handshake to put others at ease; a hug to start the meeting. Sanders encourages people to allow their natural human warmth appropriate freedom when dealing with employees, customers and other stakeholders.


This Valentine’s Day, if you’re tired of the rat race and want to break out of a dog-eat-dog workplace, consider adopting the traits of a lovecat. Meow!

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