Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Writing a Speech

Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Writing a Speech

By Vitiello Communications Group

At some point in your career, you will have to write a speech for either yourself, your boss or another executive.  While the task can be daunting, start by asking yourself the three questions professional speechwriters ask before beginning any new assignment.

1. Is it worth my time (or the time of the executive) to give the speech?

Some factors to consider are: the cost to research, write, and rehearse a speech; whether the company wants to be represented with the other speakers and companies involved; and if the speech will be given a prominent spot in the program.

2.  What can I do to meet the needs of the audience?

Even if you have material that you’d like to repurpose, it’s important to personalize the opening and closing of every speech. Add specific examples that pertain to the audience’s interests and affiliations. Tell a personal story that connects you to your listeners. Give an honest compliment to let your audience know you value them and their time.

3.  How can I create a lasting impact?

Think about the one key message you want your audience to remember. Find a clever way to convey your message; then use it several times in your speech. Highlight your message by linking it to an analogy or an anecdote to make it memorable. Use the speechwriter’s trusty rule of three: tell them what you’re going to tell them; tell them; then tell them what you told them.

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