The Gratitude Snowball

The Gratitude Snowball

By Vitiello Communications Group

When you make a snowball, it fits in your mitten. When you place that snowball on the new-fallen snow covering the front lawn and roll it around, pretty soon it becomes the base for your first snowman of the season. And before you know it, the neighborhood kids are helping you stack the other boulders to form Frosty’s tummy and head. Soon there’s a baseball cap and broom, rocks for eyes, a carrot nose and an upturned Twizzler smile, and mom’s bringing out hot chocolate for everyone.

Gratitude’s like that. It starts small and snowballs as you share it.

At the start of 2015, the Vitiello Communications Group team decided that the best way to celebrate our 25th anniversary was to express our gratitude. We created our 25 Points of Light program to highlight the many ways we give back through volunteering, donating our expertise and making contributions to charitable organizations. Our program started small – with Barb Willis’ photo and caption about her work with Holiday Express. Throughout the year, we snowballed from one to 25 Points of Light as our team members shared their stories online.

Last week, we culminated our year-long celebration of gratitude by coming together as a team, alongside our clients and family members, to make, pack and deliver 129 brown bag lunches to Elijah’s Promise, the soup kitchen in New Brunswick that’s been in operation one year more than VTLO.

But our efforts didn’t end in New Jersey. Our consultants and business partners in New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida joined with us from afar on November 13 (National Kindness Day), working in soup kitchens in their local communities, and making donations to World Vision’s Microloan program for women entrepreneurs in Africa, Mexico and the Philippines, which VTLO has supported for many years.

As the founder and president of VTLO, I frequently have the opportunity to talk about our talented team of communications professionals and the amazing way they use the power of language to drive business results. On the occasion of our 25th year in business, I am proud to showcase the VTLO team as a group of compassionate, innately good people who generously share their energy and resources and who genuinely care about making a difference wherever they are.

When I started VTLO in 1990, it fit in my mitten. It’s snowballed to touch the world. And for that, I am truly grateful.

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