Simplify Your Story with Infographics

Simplify Your Story with Infographics

By Vitiello Communications Group

A recent Stanford University study indicated that Americans will consume more than 1.7 trillion hours of both traditional and digital media this year. On average, that’s about 15.5 hours per person, per day.

With so many distractions vying for employees’ attention, companies are turning to infographics to paint the big picture. This tool can be a dynamic way to connect the dots, show relationships between data points and tell a company’s story in a quick and easy-to-read format.

Visual content helps organize complex information in a clear and concise manner so that employees can skim relevant facts to notice trends and act on them. By using infographics, companies can get their message across promptly, simply and succinctly.

But, in order for your employees to get the picture, you need to create a powerful one. Here’s how:

  • Tell a story. Consider what your audience needs to know and the best way to tell them. For instance, are you conveying statistics? Concepts? A timeline? Let the topic inspire the design. Check out Fast Company’s 18 Best Infographics of 2014 for some compelling examples.
  • Capture the main points. Outline your content starting with the most important piece of data. Provide digestible nuggets of information. Like any good story, an infographic should have a beginning, middle and end—or call to action.
  • Use meaningful statistics. Data points should support the story and engage the reader. See VTLO’s infographic on Employee Ambassador Programs.
  • Connect the dots. Your design should move the reader along through the details.
  • Note data sources. Be sure to give credit where credit is due. This will lend authority to the story and further support the underlying argument.

Have you used an infographic to tell your organization’s story? Share a link here.

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