The Power of Infographics

The Power of Infographics

By Vitiello Communications Group

In a time when news stories are 140 characters and life is told through pictures on Instagram and Tumblr, asking people to digest text-heavy information is counterproductive. That’s especially true if you’re a leader looking to reach busy employees in a meaningful way.

Pleasing to the eye, engaging and easily shareable through social media, infographics cut through the clutter of information overload. They transform complex information into visual representations that present data in a clear and concise way. According to Pew Research Center’s Internet Project, 42 percent of adult internet users share photos with others. Therefore, using an infographic can increase your message’s reach.

The challenge for business leaders lies in distilling detailed information into a simple infographic that employees will want to share. While creating an infographic based on VTLO’s recently-published white paper on employee ambassador programs, I gleaned some important lessons that leaders can follow. Here are my tips:

  1. Be specific. Choose a certain study, program or initiative to feature in your infographic, and use hard numbers and statistics to make the information compelling. Including too much material or a wide spectrum of topics will result in an overwhelming or confusing visual.
  2. Create an outline. Like any type of engaging communication, infographics are meant to tell a story. Start constructing yours with a basic outline that answers the questions any reader would want to know: who, what, when, where, why and how?
  3. Balance text and images. Keep a healthy balance between the two by using just enough text to give the reader background on the topic. If you need to use more text, make sure that it’s presented in small chunks and in a visually appealing way.
  4. Make it pop. Use iconography, charts, graphs and other images to make your infographic stand out. Incorporate a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors to break up the information so that the reader remains visually interested and engaged.


Next time your company shares survey results or information about a new program, consider creating an infographic that will engage employees. Have you seen an increase in the use of infographics inside your organization? Leave a comment to let us know how your company is using this increasingly popular communication tool.

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