Making Your Smartphone Smarter

Making Your Smartphone Smarter

By Vitiello Communications Group

This year, the number of smartphone users worldwide will top 1.75 billion. With the number of users expected to continue growing on this fast-paced trajectory through 2017, the number of apps, and their subsequent updates, is growing too. In July 2008, there were just 800 apps available from Apple’s iPhone App Store. Today, there are more than 1.5 million active apps. Of that number, an estimated 96,000 apps fall into business-related categories, such as networking, documents and files, and productivity tools. And that’s just the iPhone apps!

With so many to choose from, finding the best apps to fit your business needs may seem daunting. We have narrowed down that list. Here are five apps that busy business leaders should not overlook:

Expensify 4.3.0 takes the headache out of capturing receipts, tracking time and mileage, and creating expense reports. Updated this month, the newest version of this popular expense reporting app offers the Wingman feature, which allows you to grant someone access to your account to manage it on your behalf. (Available for iPhone and Android.)

Dropbox is a cloud-based file-sharing app that enables you to sync files from your computer, smartphone and tablet, as well as share files such as photos and videos that are too large to email. The free version has a 2-gigabyte limit and was recently updated to improve performance. (Available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.)

CamCard makes it easier than ever to swap business cards. The updated version has an all-new design that makes for a better experience. Now, not only can you store and share contact details, you can also access more information about new contacts with just one tap, and even receive updates as their information changes. (Available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.)

Cisco WebEx Meetings makes it possible for business leaders to connect to WebEx meetings anytime, anywhere via a smartphone. The app, which was recently updated to include video sharing on older iPhones, includes an Auto Call Me feature for iPhones. This helps ensure that you never miss a meeting. (Available for iPhone and Android.)

SurveyMonkey makes it possible to create and design surveys in minutes; share them via the web, email or social media; and track results in real-time from any location. Introduced in February 2014, this new app is quickly becoming the world’s leading survey platform.(Available for iPhone.)

With such a wide variety of business apps available, it’s no surprise that smartphones play an important role in helping business leaders save time, increase revenue and build relationships. Let us know what your favorite business app is and how it is helping you achieve your goals.

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