Five Tips for Communicating Workplace Safety

Five Tips for Communicating Workplace Safety

By Vitiello Communications Group

You may think that you’re clearly articulating your company’s safety policies and procedures, but is your staff listening? The cost of poor safety communication to businesses is substantial, as injuries result not only in personal distress, but also a loss of money, time, productivity, and morale. To bring greater awareness to workplace safety, the National Safety Council has designated June as “National Safety Month.” Use these five tips to effectively communicate your safety goals:

Tailor the message
Make sure your message is relevant by clarifying the connection to specific locations or job roles. For example, instead of distributing one overarching communication, customize your safety messages to the types of facilities and employees you’ll be reaching.

Use positive language
Taking a positive tone can reduce defensiveness and elicit cooperation; using negative language such as “don’t” and “can’t” can come across as abrasive, hostile and confrontational. Avoid these words and focus on the behaviors you want to promote.

Clarify expectations
Clearly articulate your company’s safety goals, and define employees’ responsibilities in reaching those goals. A “we’re in this together” attitude, coupled with clear direction on what to do and how to do it, will get employees interested and involved.

Keep it short
The best way to get your message heard is to keep it short and simple. According to a study from Microsoft, the average attention span of an adult has decreased to only eight seconds. Determine the true purpose of your message, and see how you can say it in fewer words.

Use various channels
Messages “stick” with people in different ways depending on how they like to learn. For example, some favor a face-to-face talk while others prefer written directions or visuals. Deliver your safety communications across a variety of channels and formats to reach all of your employees.

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