Creating a Captivating Brand

Creating a Captivating Brand

By Vitiello Communications Group

Two weeks after the soft launch of VTLO’s new website, I’ve had a chance to step back and reflect on my experience of leading VTLO through its brand refresh. What began as an informal conversation among colleagues has resulted in the introduction of a new logo, updated messaging and a completely redesigned website. I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of VTLO’s change. Along the way, I learned valuable lessons about how to develop a memorable and engaging brand. Here are my top three:

  1. Embrace change. A change as vast as a brand refresh may seem daunting, but sometimes it’s exactly what a company needs. After conducting a Solution Storming session, VTLO’s marketing team recognized the need to communicate our growing agency’s expanding capabilities through a new brand. We implemented a series of communications to inform and engage the entire VTLO team in the change. They welcomed the brand refresh, giving our marketing group the creative freedom we needed to explore new ways to represent VTLO.
  2. Be yourself. Showing the personality of your brand humanizes it and helps people better connect with your company. The VTLO marketing team used our brand refresh as an opportunity to show and tell who we are as an agency. The colors, fonts and designs all represent our fresh approach, deep experience and role as a trusted communications partner. We brought the VTLO team to the forefront of the website, and used a breezy, conversational style throughout our new content. Take a look and get to know us.
  3. Go mobile. With roughly 17 percent of global web traffic coming from mobile devices last year, VTLO knew it was time for a technology upgrade. Our new website incorporates responsive design, making it easily viewable on any mobile device. As of January, 58 percent of American adults own a smartphone and 42 percent own a tablet, so the sooner your brand goes mobile, the better.


Whether you’re creating a brand from scratch or reimagining an existing one, these tips can help you build a strong connection between your audience and your company. Leave a comment to share your rebranding experiences. Or, call us to talk about how VTLO can help guide your brand refresh.

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