Can We Talk?

Can We Talk?

By Vitiello Communications Group

That’s just one of the lines Joan Rivers made famous in her long and fascinating career. As the world continues to mourn the passing of this energetic and outrageous octogenarian, it’s her zingers and her zest for rude remarks that many remember. What wasn’t immediately apparent was Joan’s ability to listen.

As a comedic leader, Joan was tuned in to the fluctuating frequency of American culture. She listened intently to its changes, and reflected it back with jokes that just crossed the line. Whether you thought she was hilarious or crass, it was obvious that she studied her audience and knew how to make us laugh.

What if business leaders listened that closely to their employees? What would our workplace be like if the boss stopped by our desk to ask, “Can we talk?”

At a time when workers trust peers twice as much as they trust executives, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer, leaders need to tap into the zeitgeist of the organization in a way that is authentic and appealing to employees. One approach is employee ambassador programs.

Vitiello Communications Group (VTLO) has found that peer-to-peer communications, such as employee ambassador programs, provide unique insight into morale and mindset. They forge a strong link with the most engaged employees. And they are a valuable asset in a comprehensive strategic communications program.

On Tuesday, October 21, as part of the IABC Heritage Region Conference in Providence, Rhode Island, I will be leading an interactive session on this topic titled, “Power to Your People: How to Create a Dynamic Employee Ambassador Program.” I’ll be discussing VTLO’s proven approach for organizing, launching and managing an effective employee ambassador program. Ambassadors must be chosen with care, trained and given the tools to succeed. As part of my program, we’ll be crowdsourcing ideas that participants can bring back to their jobs and put into motion.

Can we talk? Absolutely! Leave a comment about your experiences with employee ambassador programs or download our white paper to learn more about this employee engagement technique.

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