Building Trust Through Ambassador Programs

Building Trust Through Ambassador Programs

By Vitiello Communications Group

Trust in business, media and even NGOs is disintegrating, and CEOs are no longer perceived to be credible. These eye-opening results of the recently released 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer are challenging business leaders to discover new ways to build trust and deliver their message.

This may require some to step outside their comfort zone. However, you won’t have to look too far to identify credible spokespeople for your organization. In fact, you may find them right down the hall. According to the Trust Barometer, the trust-building opportunity for business lies in the areas of integrity and engagement. This is the sweet spot for employee ambassador programs.

Employee ambassador programs that empower people with a natural affinity to align with your message can make all the difference in increasing engagement levels and building trust. Working with Fortune 500 companies, I’ve found that creating dynamic employee ambassador programs can drive adoption of key initiatives and behaviors deep into the organization. Ultimately, this can result in a transformational change. Not utilizing employee ambassadors to build trust is a missed opportunity.

Communications guru Shel Holtz agrees. He says that the Edelman study, which finds that internal experts and “a person like yourself” are now twice as credible as CEOs, creates “even more impetus for setting up internal ambassador programs.”

Knowing who your audience can trust is the first step in effecting change.  Engaging these reliable sources to communicate on your behalf is the next.  For more information, view our infographic and call us to learn how you can bring power to your people.

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