You Are Your Brand

You Are Your Brand

By Vitiello Communications Group

When you get up in the morning, the clothes you choose to wear and the attitude you bring to the events of the day help define your personal brand.

Branding a business is no different. Messages, logos, colors and fonts all contribute to a brand’s personality and help shape public perception.

As VTLO grew, it became clear that a brand refresh was in order. I had the pleasure of leading our team in several sessions aimed at landing on how to best represent our key strengths. We applied our proven Solution Storming approach, which we’ve used to help many of our clients navigate through communications challenges. The technique enabled us to analyze our competitive advantages, industry knowledge, skills and other attributes to bring the VTLO brand to light.

From our new tagline, “Engage. Inspire. Achieve,” that speaks to the results we accomplish for our clients — to our logo, which represents the agency’s upward momentum — to our easy-to-navigate and content rich website, our brand truly embodies the VTLO value proposition. VTLO is the go-to expert for employee engagement, leadership and change communications. Our brand’s upbeat style also conveys our personality and our belief that solving even the most demanding communications issues can be exciting and fun.

What does your brand say about you?

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