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September 2019: Communicating Your Employer Brand to Attract Talent
According to the 2019 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends survey, finding qualified talent is among the biggest recruitment challenges for HR professionals.

August 2019: Compliance Training

Engaging or boring? Enlightening or information overload? How would your employees describe your current compliance training program?

July 2019: Technology Adoption and Communicating Change

Was your last technology initiative a success? Or did you face resistance bumps along the road to change? Like so many other change initiatives, successful adoption of new technology depends on your organization’s view of change. It’s important to understand what’s causing resistance so you can address it.

June 2019: Manager Toolkits

You know having the right tools and instructions will make your next DIY project a success. Did you know that a manager toolkit does the same in human resource management? A manager toolkit ensures managers understand a topic or issue, are prepared to conduct successful team discussions and feel equipped to handle questions and next steps.

May 2019: Communicating Workplace Safety

Are you clearly articulating your company’s workplace safety goals? Poor safety communication can be costly because lack of awareness of your organization’s safety culture can result in injuries, and lost time and productivity. With National Safety Month coming up in June, here are three tips to consider when ensuring safety in your workplace.

April 2019: Benefits Communication

Another simple yet effective method is an infographic, which allows you to create a visually appealing, easy-to-read overview of available benefits along with directions to more details. Employees have the flexibility to access what they need, when they need it.

March 2019: Communicating with Generations in the Workplace

For most employees, their managers are the most direct and frequent sources of communication. However, given the characteristics and preferences of each generation, you cannot rely on one form of communication to resonate with all.

February 2019: Building Trust in Diverse Organizations

In today’s diverse workplace, how do you ensure your HR communications continue to build trust in your company’s leaders and brand? Communicating about these five topics will increase your employees’ trust, according to Edelman.

January 2019: New Hire Onboarding

New hires often find themselves facing piles (online and on paper) of forms, guides and other onboarding documents when starting at your company.

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