Case Studies

Bolstering Leader Credibility and Employee Engagement

Tasked by the CEO to lead an enterprise-wide change initiative, a CIO immediately recognized the need to address employee survey scores that gave low marks to her leadership team.

Building Bridges through Clear and Consistent Messaging

Sales representatives expressed that messages were often inconsistent and complicated, leading to a feeling of confusion and distrust for the compliance department of a large pharmaceutical company.

Creating a Community to Support a Global IT Transformation

The CIO of an $18.5 billion global pharmaceutical company faced unforeseen challenges as he worked to combine IT assets and create a world-class global IT network to help drive scientific innovation.

Engaging Employees through Storytelling

The manufacturing division of a global healthcare leader was quick to recognize the need to align employees around meeting targets when aggressive goals were issued to offset a major product going off patent.

Establishing a Sustainable Culture of Integrity

With the successful completion of a Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA), a global pharmaceuticals giant was determined to elevate its culture from regulatory-driven compliance to self-motivated integrity.

Opening Minds to an Open Office Environment

Moving a traditional workforce from “me” space to “we” space posed a challenge for a major pharmaceutical company consolidating separate divisions and sites into one new facility.

Prepping a New President and Team to Lead

A new president needed to hit the ground running to engage employees around the acquisition of an industry-acclaimed biologics and vaccine unit by the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical company.

Using Employee Ambassadors to Reinforce Sustainability Efforts

Engaging employees around the topic of corporate sustainability can be challenging, which is why a global healthcare company faced with this task turned to VTLO for a solution.

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