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January 2020: The Employee Experience

The biggest business trend for 2020 is “The Employee Experience.” Get ready – you’re going to hear those words a lot. Why?

December 2019: Storytelling

This month, we share three lessons from business leaders who exemplify storytelling that resonates.

November 2019: HR Communication

This month, we take a look at how leaders can build their workforce into their businesses’ greatest asset.

October 2019: Employee Recognition

This month, we take a look at the science of recognition and how you can apply it to build or enhance your employee recognition culture.

September 2019: Social Media

With the increasing noise on social media, how can companies ensure they stand out rather than blend in? This month, we share three tactics successful companies use to get above the noise.

August 2019: Reputation Management

Building and maintaining a stellar reputation takes constant attention and, at times, brutal honesty. Here are six ways you can enhance your company’s reputation through communication.

July 2019: Employer Branding

In today’s world of social transparency, employees are a great resource for companies looking to optimize their social presence and enhance their brand. This month, we look at three simple ways to get you started on three popular social platforms.

June 2019: Marketing Communication

This month, we look at three lessons from Game of Thrones that will help you prepare for your next big marketing crusade, along with examples from some of the most effective and iconic marketing communications campaigns.

May 2019: Intranets

In what ways are you promoting the use of your office intranet? In this month’s blog, we look at three important steps you could take to make it easier for employees to not only find content, but also empower them to use it as a tool for greater collaboration.

April 2019: CSR Communication

At least three areas of your company benefit when employees get involved in your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) communications: company credibility, employee skills and recruitment efforts. In this month’s issue we take a closer look at these three areas, along with examples to help you enhance your CSR communication by including employees.

March 2019: Corporate Culture

According to Gallup, leadership and communication are among the five most significant drivers of culture. Here are three tips to help you successfully communicate your corporate culture.

February 2019: Leadership Communication

Trust at any level in the organization is crucial whether you’re the CEO, a manager, or an individual contributor, and communication remains an essential element for success. So, no matter what your title, here are three key roles to adopt to build trust and lead with communication.

January 2019: Organizational Change

How can you manage change you don’t control? The answer is simple: change the way you approach change. Here are three strategies that show you how:

December 2018: Creative Communication

Creative communication can make messages more attractive, interesting and believable. In this month’s issue, we provide three suggestions for creative communication that could deliver greater impact to your company messaging.

November 2018: Internal Communication

In the race for recruitment and retention, what companies need to realize is that the most important audience isn’t potential job seekers – it’s their current employees. In this month’s issue, we look at three tips for a company to consider when communicating with its employees.

October 2018: External Communication

This month we take a look at trends in external communication and how you can incorporate these into your company messaging for greater impact.

September 2018: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an aspect of computer science in which machines can be programmed to interact with people in a way that seems human – with the ability to speak responses, solve problems and learn. AI is expansive, ever-growing and complicated, but you’re most likely using AI without knowing.

August 2018: Change Communication

It’s not incorrect or an exaggeration to say change is a constant; change is happening every single day, and it’s the responsibility of company leaders and communication teams to prepare employees to be change-ready. What’s important is that employees are prepared for change, welcome it and make it the new norm.

July 2018: Crisis Communication

Although the word “crisis” immediately conjures catastrophe, experts note that the way in which organizations respond to a crisis is an opportunity to learn and grow. Here are five steps you can use to help you make the best of a bad situation.

June 2018: Storytelling

Keeping employees engaged and productive is a challenge that all businesses face, no matter what the industry or what is happening in the company.

May 2018: Welcoming Gen Z to the Workplace

Offering an internship program is an effective way to measure the up-and-coming talent entering the workforce in the coming years. Organizing an internship program ensures your company is connecting with the next generation entering the business landscape.

April 2018: Volunteering

Employee volunteer programs show that your company is committed to bettering the community and, in some cases, the world. Keeping that program fresh and exciting helps ensure engagement throughout the organization.

March 2018: Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is a living, breathing entity that companies must constantly work to improve. Studies show our society cares about a diverse and inclusive workplace culture, but it’s not enough to care; you have to act.

February 2018: Innovation

Meetings can be a tricky subject. Some employees love them and others feel they zap their productivity and time. Yet, innovative meetings bring employees together and build a great culture, regardless of whether people work from home or a central office.

January 2018: Industry Trends

Ensuring your business’ communication plan is evolving with changes in technology is essential to keeping your employees and key stakeholders engaged. Company messages are no longer being viewed strictly on a computer; employees have access to more Internet-connected devices than ever before and it’s imperative that those messages are available across all devices with new, fresh content.

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