An internal communication strategy determines the best way to accomplish the main goals of improving communication. A strategy takes the various types of internal communication and maps those to an overall goal, making it clear what each tactic aims to achieve.

Achievements can be large in scope or they can be meant to solve one specific challenge. Here are some examples of what a strategy might look like based on common challenges employees may face:

  • Challenge: A small company is having trouble collecting information about a project being managed via email and spreadsheets. Data resides in individuals’ inboxes and often gets lost in the shuffle.
    • Solution: An internal communication strategy can be as simple as creating a project plan where information that was once passed via email can be inserted directly into the plan. The plan is posted to an online, shared folder or to a team site. Information can’t get lost as it’s now housed in one, central location, and it’s continually updated without bombarding everyone with emails.
  • Challenge: A large company’s annual employee satisfaction survey reveals that employees feel disconnected from senior leadership and is unsure of the company’s mission.
    • Solution: Senior leaders record and post weekly videos where they directly address the concerns of employees. Once a month, leaders host informal meetings in person or via webinar to hear employees’ questions and respond to them. On a quarterly basis, leaders can conduct a town hall, recognize the achievements of work teams, and provide business updates. The company will follow up on these objectives by releasing an annual accomplishments report that reinforces the company narrative and illustrates employees’ contributions to meeting company goals.

As you can see in these examples, some strategies can be executed quickly, while others require thorough research, development, measurement, and then recalibration to find the best methods. The need to solve a business issue drives the strategies, which then determines the tools, methods, and tactics that each company selects to achieve its goals.

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