Similar to internal communication, which seeks to build trust, understanding and knowledge among employees, external communication aims to bring these values to consumers. Research shows that society as a whole, and particularly the younger generations, are more socially conscious than ever before. People want to do business with companies that align with their values and goals. Companies must earn trust by demonstrating not only the value of their brands, but also their noble purpose in order to connect with customers and the public. Strategic, external communication that integrates messaging about products and purpose and pulls it through all channels – websites, apps, earned and paid media, social platforms – is essential to your company’s reputation and success.

External communication also can show the great work a company is doing outside the confines of the office, lab and shop floor by highlighting the work employees are doing in the community. Many companies create worthwhile ventures that are about bettering society, and an external communication plan to showcase that great work demonstrates how you’re benefiting the community and the world.

Strategic external communication promotes your company’s reputation – and protects it in a crisis. The good will and awareness you build with your business-as-usual external communication serves as a basis for understanding – and even empathy — in the event of an emergency.

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