An external communication strategy determines the best way to win and keep customers, investors, industry advocates and other key stakeholders. An external communication strategy takes the various types of tactics and maps those to an overall goal, each matched to a measurable objective.

Strategy doesn’t have to be grand to be important. Here are some examples of what an external communication strategy might look like based on common challenges leaders may face:

  • Challenge: A mid-sized diagnostics company can’t get its message noticed by decision makers in a sea of larger, louder competitors.
    • Solution: Focus the external communication strategy on two key goals: Humanize the brand and apply the refreshed brand to trade show assets. Appeal to buyers in the global healthcare community with bold graphics that feature multi-cultural people rather than showing photos of the product. Invest in modern, impactful trade show materials such as “Instagrammable” photo walls, customer-centric, short videos and integrated ads and sell sheets.
  • Challenge: Due to a major change in the way state and federal government funds are allocated, a healthcare organization has to vie for limited resources against new competitors.
    • Solution: Build an external communication strategy that establishes the healthcare organization as an industry thought leader. Develop and deliver educational content to decision makers in government agencies. Repurpose the content through social media platforms. Rewrite the organization’s narrative as the champion of change

As you can see in those examples, business goals can be achieved by leveraging specific types of external communication. There’s no need to think of external communication strategies as being out of reach. The strategic, consistent use of external communication tactics can help leaders solve business problems, from increasing market share, building relationships with new customers, and recruiting great talent.

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