What is external communication?

External communication is content that originates within the company to be viewed and consumed by those outside the company. External communication can be targeted towards customers, prospective clients, stakeholders or society in general – it is directed towards those that don’t have the kind of inside information and knowledge that an employee has.

Messages that go to outside constituents can include everything from a press release announcing the launch of a new product or service or a new leadership team to email and social media posts responding to customer concerns, and everything in between. These messages serve as your company’s face to the outside world, and, often times, are the lasting impressions that people have of your brand and your business. Call or email us for your free, confidential consultation on improving your company’s external communication.

Six Most-Asked Questions About External Communication

Why is external communication so important?

Similar to internal communication, which seeks to build trust, understanding and knowledge among employees, external communication aims to bring these values
to consumers.


What are the types of external communication?

External communication covers all content that originates inside a company that is intended for those
outside the company.


What are the benefits of external communication?

A company can offer a great product at competitive prices, commit to fair business practices, and do great work in the community, but that’s all for naught if others don’t know.


What is an external communication strategy?

An external communication strategy determines the best way to win and keep customers, investors, industry advocates and other key stakeholders.


What is VTLO’s external communication expertise?

VTLO develops external communication strategies and programs that target companies’ business objectives.


What external communication services does VTLO offer?

VTLO offers a wide range of external communication expertise that allows our team to bring knowledge, expertise and best practices to our clients.


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