A creative communication strategy starts with identifying a business goal, researching and understanding the audience, and determining what you would like your audience to think, feel and do as a result of interacting with your content. The strategy considers the best tactics to achieve the desired actions and behaviors, and then delivers those tactics in a way that is most appealing to the audience. The emphasis is on using creativity and innovation to surprise and delight the consumer. It’s a technique we call “appropriate disruption.”

Here are some examples of what a creative communication strategy might look like, depending on the outcomes the business wants to achieve:

  • Challenge: A technology company that provides cybersecurity to the financial services industry wants to attain a 90 percent participation rate in its annual employee survey. Employees are conscientious and serious-minded, but just forget to complete the survey. Executives want greater participation for better data. How can they convince more employees to participate?
    • Solution: A creative communication strategy offers a simple solution. Grab employees’ attention and make it easy for them to complete the survey in that moment. Design offbeat posters that make employees look twice. Add a QR code they can scan with their mobile phone that brings them directly to the survey. Place the interactive posters in locations where employees may have a spare moment – the elevator bank, cafeteria, and entrance to the restrooms. Voila! Participation increases to 97 percent!
  • Challenge: A global pharma company wants to increase its percentage of diverse suppliers. How can it attract credentialed diverse suppliers with a much smaller budget than its pharma rivals?
    • Solution:Use creative communication to personalize the diverse supplier experience and target qualified suppliers. For industry conferences, build an intimate trade show space that invites one-on-one, quiet conversation. Leverage the well-known, worldwide brand across all assets – video, brochures, supplier website and mobile app – to make a lasting impression on suppliers. Forego producing expensive promotional items. Instead, publish a limited edition company resource for credentialed, qualified suppliers. Follow up trade show meetings with exclusive content delivered via quarterly webinars.

As you can see in those examples, creative communication doesn’t have to be costly to be effective. Knowing your goal and being willing to try something different are essential to producing successful outcomes with creative communication.

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