By Vitiello Communications Group

Last night, ABC cancelled its hit show, Roseanne, all because #WordsMatter.

When Roseanne Barr’s tweet hit the Twittersphere, the network made a conscious and timely business decision that affected hundreds of people and their jobs. ABC, a division of Disney, was quick to take a stand on the topic. Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company Robert Iger tweeted, “There was only one thing to do here, and that was the right thing.”

Especially in the world of business, words matter more than ever and can be used to help or hinder the mission of an organization.  If used correctly, words can help a business communicate its message and inspire teamwork and camaraderie.

An essential part of any successful business is the way its leadership creates a culture where effective communication can thrive.

Here are three points to keep in mind while communicating to ensure that your #WordsMatter:

  1. “If you don’t think, then you shouldn’t talk.” – March Hare, Alice in Wonderland

Think before you speak. Never forget that the words you use have consequences in every situation – big or small. Always make sure you have thought through your word choices to avoid adverse ramifications to you and your organization.

  1. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.” – Thumper, Bambi

Avoid negativity. Whether it is providing feedback or resolving a conflict, choose words that help rather than hinder the process to move forward together.

  1. “If you weren’t you, then we’d all be a bit less we.” – Piglet, Winnie the Pooh

Respect people. It is important to create an inclusive environment through words where everyone is valued for what they bring to the table.

There is no question that communication is a key element to running a sustainable business, and it all stems from the effectiveness of the words we use. In the end, we choose if our #WordsHurt or #WordsHeal.

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