Volunteering and Employee Ambassador Programs – Going for the Win-Win-Win

Volunteering and Employee Ambassador Programs – Going for the Win-Win-Win

By Vitiello Communications Group

Companies today are establishing their own versions of impactful, philanthropic programs, making it easier for employees to share their time and talents through volunteer efforts. Whether the programs take the form of a short-term, field-based assignment or an ongoing virtual project, this increase in volunteerism benefits employees and the nonprofits they serve as well as the companies that support such efforts – making it a truly win-win-win combination.

Making the connection

Typically, high-performing engaged employees are the ones who step up to lead and participate in employee volunteer events. They invest their energy and emotion into advancing the charitable causes their employers support. They eagerly seek out stretch assignments in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) space to hone their leadership skills and expand the impact beyond the workplace. As a result, many of them have compelling stories to tell about how their day jobs and volunteer activities converge to make a difference in the community, making them ambassadors for a company.

Attracting the right candidates

When companies leverage employee ambassadors through volunteer experiences, they also help organizations attract the candidates that best align with the company’s values. When prospective employees are attracted to a company through its CSR programs, such programs not only help organizations attract Millennials and Gen Xers – who according to research seek civic-minded employers and make up 50 percent of the working population, they also help ensure that the talent they attract embody the values of that of the organization.

Considering an employee ambassador program? Where to start

Does your company have an employee ambassador program? Here’s a closer look at employee ambassador programs including seven steps to keep in mind if you’re looking to develop your own. For more information on how Vitiello Communications Group (VTLO) can help you integrate your company’s volunteer efforts with your employee ambassador program, email us at info@vtlo.com or call 732-238-6622.

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