From the Workplace to Cyberspace: Three Ways Employees Can Help Propel Your Employer Brand

From the Workplace to Cyberspace: Three Ways Employees Can Help Propel Your Employer Brand

By Brian Keefer

True or false? Organizations can no longer rely on traditional recruitment advertising alone to build a positive employer brand. True. Emerging technological advancements and employment trends have made sure of it!

True or false? Tapping into the multiple avenues on the internet so potential candidates can find information about a company is costly. False. Here’s why.

In my experience, I have seen companies try to build their employer brand in isolation of their number one advocates – their employees. In today’s world of social transparency, employees are a great resource for companies looking to optimize their social presence and enhance their brand. Here are three simple ways to get you started on three popular social platforms.

  1. Employee Profiles on LinkedIn

Recruiters don’t have the extensive reach or adequate candidate pool needed to fill every open position. But guess who does? A company’s current employees – people who are already working in those roles every day. Employees can help build awareness about the company and better yet, get the word out among their networks as to why someone should join the company.

Employees’ LinkedIn profiles can go beyond the standard job titles and job descriptions. At Vitiello Communications Group (VTLO), we have helped companies create crisp overviews of their employer brands that employees can use in their LinkedIn profiles. With that, you’ve extended the company’s reach out to employees’ networks, which helps gain significant traction for the company interested in building its employer brand, especially when trying to recruit a specific population.

  1. Employee Testimonials on Glassdoor

Testimonials are a powerful tool when building a strong employer brand. When an organization’s message is publicly matched by its employees’ voices, potential employees take notice.

One popular job-hunting tool potential employees use is Glassdoor. Be warned – I’ve noticed that many posts about companies tend to be negative. While companies can’t prevent these negative posts, they can encourage current employees to share their positive experiences online. If your focus groups and employee engagement surveys are signaling positivity among employees, let them know they can share what it’s like to work at your company. Encourage current employees to post their stories and testimonies on Glassdoor. Such efforts don’t break the bank, but they do break the silence and positively impact the employer brand.

  1. Employee Experiences on Twitter

Innovation is more than a buzzword for successful organizations. Candidates are attracted to companies that provide opportunities to learn and collaborate. Social media provides a platform for companies to let the world know they offer such opportunities.

The next time employees represent your company at a conference, event or expo, encourage them to tweet about it using the company’s Twitter handle or hashtag. Posting a picture or comment doesn’t take much effort from employees – many conferences encourage tweeting as a form of engagement with the event – and creates a ripple effect encouraging others to do the same. These posts show the types of programs the company attends and that they invest in having their employees be part of it – another win for the employer brand.

Social media provides valuable platforms to build employer brands. It’s vital that companies use the opportunity to involve their employees in the process and engage them as a powerful voice. For more information about ways VTLO can help you enhance your employer brand through communication, email us at or call 732-238-6622.

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