Summer Volunteering: Some Cool Tips for a Heartwarming Summer

Summer Volunteering: Some Cool Tips for a Heartwarming Summer

By Vitiello Communications Group

It’s officially summer and one of the best times to volunteer! From helping out at your local community garden or farmer’s market to traveling with volunteer abroad programs, summer provides a variety of opportunities to do good and to explore the outdoors. However, with countless volunteer programs out there, how do you ensure you’re making an impactful difference during these longer, warmer days? Here are three quick “summer” essentials to consider when choosing a volunteer program that is right for you and your team.

  1. HAT Harness all talents

This summer, inspire all team members to get involved in a cause where they are able to contribute their talents. When employees put their expertise and passion to good use, their impact is that much greater.

  1. SPFSearch participant feedback

Just like you cannot deny the benefits of your trusty sunscreen during those hot summer days, you simply cannot overlook the screening process when looking for volunteer opportunities. Reach out to past participants to obtain feedback about their experience with a summer volunteer opportunity you are considering. With recommendations and real-life experiences, you can decide on a volunteer commitment that fits your schedule.

  1. TOWELThink of wide-ranging experiential learning

The workplace is not the only space to gain work-based experience. Studies indicate that volunteering helps employees improve existing skills as well as learn new ones. So apart from taking off to hit the beach or the pool during those summer hours, encourage employees to be adventurous and try out something new.

Happy volunteering this summer!

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