Speaking Of Internal Communication

Speaking Of Internal Communication

By Vitiello Communications Group

In the race for recruitment and retention, what companies need to realize is that the most important audience isn’t potential job seekers – it’s their current employees.

According to experts, almost one-third of new hires leave voluntarily within the first six months. Other studies show that less than 30 percent of employees believe in the brand that employs them. Alarmingly, this means that 70 percent or more employees are not interested in the brand they represent.

Weak employee engagement rates and the current low unemployment rate in the U.S. also contribute towards attrition because it creates more incentive for employees to look elsewhere if unhappy. However, seldom do companies approach their internal communications strategies as a marketing or branding opportunity for employees.

So here are three tips to consider when communicating internally with employees.

  1. Create content with your employees

Cisco Systems, the social technology giant, knows how to network with its employees! Cisco ensures that their employee voice is always reflected in its communications, internally and externally. This includes its careers site, recruiting blog and even its social channels. For example, the company regularly turns its Snapchat account over to employees to give a real view into its company culture, which is believed to have resulted in a 600 percent follower increase after launch. What’s more, the company had reached 2,000 followers and above-industry engagement in its Instagram account within just six months.

  1. Communicate with your values

Patagonia, the outdoor apparel retailer that promises “unusual blend of work, play, family and environmentalism,” lives up to its promise by clearly communicating its values and what it stands for, from its corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts to its employee policies. In addition to pledging one percent of sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment, the company creates messaging around its flex-time policy which it refers to as “Let My People Go Surfing” time. Allowing a period for employees during any work day to head outdoors, the company believes that this time helps manage its own storytelling process and attributes this to its six percent voluntary turnover rate among full-time employees, in comparison with the retail industry average of a whopping 35 percent.

  1. Connect with your culture

Zappos may offer $4,000 to new employees to quit during their orientation process to ensure employee buy-in, but the buck does not stop there for this online retailer. Zappos believes culture drives its success and makes every effort to ensure that all its employees are made aware of its culture for “story-worthy service”.  With over 40 on-site classes ranging from the “science of happiness” to “using your superpowers,” Zappos crafts all employee messaging with this culture in mind.

Business leaders today must establish how to use internal messaging to realize their engagement goals and win the war for talent. Getting guidance from a professional business communications agency can help. For more information on how Vitiello Communications Group (VTLO) can help you tell your brand story in engaging ways to attract and retain talent, email us at info@vtlo.com or call 732-238-6622.

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