Social Media – Standing Out for Outstanding Results

Social Media – Standing Out for Outstanding Results

By Seth Mucha

Amazed. This was my initial reaction when I read Doug Camplejohn’s article in Harvard Business Review. He cited research by the International Data Corporation (IDC) that showed  “75% of B2B buyers and 84% of executives use social media to make purchasing decisions.” Today, the rapid adoption and evolution of social media has drastically changed the landscape in which a company operates. In fact, Elissa Liu of the Forbes Communications Council reports that 54% of CEOs of the 2019 Fortune 500 have a well-known social media presence.

With the increasing noise on social media, how can companies ensure they stand out rather than blend in? Here are three tactics successful companies use to be different and get above the noise.

Create interest around your brand


When the International House of Pancakes, aka IHOP, underwent a fake name change to IHOb last year, all everyone could talk about was what the “b” stood for. As it turns out, the restaurant chain wanted to shift its customers’ focus to its dinner and lunch menus and as a result wanted to be noticed for its burgers.

Since its initial name flipping tweet, IHOP is believed to have doubled its lunch and dinner clientele, received “more than 30 billion media impressions” and been the “topic of 20,000 news stories” according to IHOP President Darren Rebelez in USA Today.  While I’m not suggesting you change your company’s name, coming up with creative approaches is a way to get people talking about your brand while posting, sharing and engaging with your brand.

Stimulate multiple senses with your content

Buzzfeed Video SeriesBuzzfeed’s video series Tasty knows how to satisfy its audience’s cravings. The videos show quick and easy recipes being made in fast motion, catering to the need for fast information by today’s social media consumers. Notice how well the videos use bright colors and sounds to engage the audience during these short minutes. The videos end with someone tasting the dish with satisfaction.

Stimulating multiple senses not only increases recall, it increases the chances of your content gaining greater visibility through likes, shares and comments. Today, Tasty’s Instagram page has over 30 million followers.

Encourage action to create engagement with your company

Apple's Shot on iPhone ChallengeApple’s popular “Shot on iPhone Challenge” was back again this year. The campaign encourages iPhone users to capture images on their phone and submit them via social media using the hashtag #ShotoniPhone. The reward? Selected images were featured on the company’s marketing material from its social media pages to billboards.

According to Business Insider’s Lara O’Reilly, Apple said “the first round of the campaign was seen at least 6.5 billion different times” and “mentioned by 24,000 opinion leaders.”

Creating ways for customers to engage with your company makes them feel a part of the company and makes you stand apart from your competitors.

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