Seeking Clarity in Chaotic Times

Seeking Clarity in Chaotic Times

By Brian Keefer

From a notorious company hiking the price of a life-saving drug beyond reason, the instability of U.S. healthcare reform, and recent antics among White House spokesmen, these are truly chaotic times for pharmaceutical public relations and communications professionals. These topics and more provided tremendous fodder for conversation at the recent 13th Public Relations & Communications Summit, hosted by Celgene.

Aligning to the theme, “Providing a Clear Path Forward During Chaotic Times,” the speakers sparked discussions about protecting reputation, communicating value, building trust, addressing “fake news,” and explaining complicated issues. VTLO was a proud sponsor of the two-day conference, and we commend and thank the many presenters for sharing their insights and experiences to benefit others facing similar challenges. Among the speakers were two CEOs: Mark Alles of Celgene, who emphasized that the pharmaceutical discussion should be about value not price, and Ron Cohen, MD, of Acorda Therapeutics, who noted that part of the challenge is that pharmaceutical companies are selling a product that nobody wants to buy (they buy because they have no choice).

Navigating through chaotic times is difficult. Conferences like this one help to move the dialogue forward and enable communicators and other leaders to deliver solutions to their business challenges. What conferences do you attend and recommend to business leaders?


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