Engaged Employees Make Great Corporate Storytellers

Engaged Employees Make Great Corporate Storytellers

By Vitiello Communications Group

Richard, a successful corporate accountant pushing 60, decides it’s time to give back. With the blessing of his manager, he enters the company’s three-month corporate international service learning program. He finds himself on the outskirts of Johannesburg, South Africa, poring over financial reports and building Excel spreadsheets to develop a costing analysis model. His work ultimately helps a neighborhood health clinic optimize its resources so the right medicine reaches the right patient with speed and efficiency. And his work becomes an industry paper that guides the work of hundreds of other similar medical outposts in Africa.

When Richard returns to work, he shares his story with colleagues at work and friends in his community. He invites them to understand what he learned by equating his experiences to their own lives: “For what you spend at a coffee shop for your daily cup of Joe in one year, you can fund 33 clinic visits. The numbers got me thinking – not everyone can start and run a clinic, but everyone can do something.”

Stories like Richard’s motivate and inspire co-workers and attract new hires. New research indicates that 38% of people who participate in a program like Richard believe it enhances their employer’s brand and reputation. Experiences like his provide unparalleled professional and personal development, expand awareness of diversity of thought and experience, and create collaboration.

At Vitiello Communications Group (VTLO), we are passionate about helping people tell their stories. Whether it’s Richard, returning from an amazing adventure in Africa, or Helen who leads the annual Thanksgiving food drive for needy neighbors, we know that their stories move others to action. Companies that sponsor employee volunteer programs and philanthropic endeavors can expand their good works by giving their workers a platform to share their stories.

The Association of Corporate Contributions Professionals (ACCP) agrees. We are honored that ACCP invited VTLO to be a guest blogger on their website. For more insight into equipping your employees as ambassadors of your corporate social responsibility activities, read our blog, Unlock the Value of Your CSR Program: Let Talent Tell the Story.

ACCP is the premier organization for corporate philanthropy professionals. Its mission is to empower corporate responsibility leaders to improve the world and strengthen their companies.

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